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Over 20 years of experience in both the teleprompting and audio visual fields.
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Our operator's in-depth knowledge of our equipment and its operation, combined with their extensive knowledge of how to work with presenters, make them an integral part of our service and reliability.

"They get it right the first time, every time"

Although operating a teleprompter may seem like a simple task, having an experienced operator is crucial to providing the presenter with a smooth and positive experience.

A good operator works with the presenter in many different ways. He will know when to offer advice and when to sit back and let production work it out.

Their main goal is to make the presenter feel confident about the reliability of the technology and the competence of the person operating it.

Teleprompter Hardware / Software Packages

Our systems are pre-configured and optimized to give you uninterupted prompting everytime, all the time. Our redundant telescript software packages are the most reliable on the market today. Our systems include:


  • 2 Laptops (Intel chipset) with HDMI/VGA output.
  • 1 Dual hand control for redundancy.
  • 1 Switcher (VGA or HDMI)
  • 1 SDI Distribution kit (200').
  • 1 Hi -Res viewing LCD Monitor.

LCD Display Systems

For any job, we understand the importance of crisp, clear text and uninterrupted readability. That's why we use a wide variety of LCD monitors (19" - 80") to meet any of your teleprompting needs:

Presidential Displays

  • 2 x 19" LCD Display assembly
  • Useable range: 8-20 ft.
  • Pole Adjustment: 4' / 10'
  • Large beam splitters (mirrors): 40/60 ratio (platinum coated)

Down Stage Displays

  • 32" to 80" LCD Displays
  • Useable range: 10 - 75 ft.
  • Full HDMI - 1080p distribution systems


Our systems are custom made to be airline friendly and can travel with the operator as personal luggage.




  • Small & protable case design.
  • Conforms to weigh & size restrictions for most airlines.


Getting Your Script to Us

Getting your scripts to us in a timely fashion allows us to import and format the scripts prior to arriving onsite. We encourage you to e-mail your script to the following address (24hrs prior to call time): or to bring your script on either CD-ROM or USB Memory Stick.


The Teleprompter version of your script should only contain what your speaker will be actually reading. You should remove any stage cues that are not relevant to your speaker along with any other formatting that are usually present in run-sheets and production scripts. Tables and charts do not belong in your teleprompter version of your script. Making sure that you have a clean version of your script prior to arriving on site will save valuable time and money. Your text should be in a text format.

**Tracked changes must be accepted/rejected prior to giving us the file.

Acceptable Formats

  • Word
  • WordPerfect
  • Text
  • Rich Text Format
  • Works

What Not To Include

  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Images
  • Stage Cues (other than that of speakers)
  • Powerpoint Files
  • Excel Files

Alternative Delivery Methods

Should an electronic file of your script be unavailable, the next best option is a good clean hard-copy. We utilize the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, allowing us to scan your script into our computers instead of hand typing them. To do this effectively we require quality printouts, which means a clean computer printed document. Photo copies of scripts are acceptable, but vary in quality and scan-ability.

For last minute requirements, we can accept FAX transmittals. However, faxed scripts cannot be scanned easily and thus are more likely to incur extra script charges from additional key-entry. And finally, handwritten scripts can be keyed in. (Again, these are more prone to additional script entry charges)

Mac Users

Q-prompt currently utilizes Windows based software. We are able to read and import any text documents that are saved in Mac format. The Rich Text Format (RTF) is our preferred file format for all scripts. Providing us with this format will enable us to maintain the integrity of your file, font size and colour and any formatting options that you may have chosen. Please ensure that the transfer media is compatible with the Windows platform. You may choose any of the transfer media listed above. The media that you provide use must be PC compatible in order to enable us to transfer your files to our computers.


Q-Prompt has provided teleprompting services throughout Canada and the U.S., including support for live meetings, video and film shoots and other events since 1994.

Our operators strive to establish and maintain a high level of professionalism on site that will ensure a positive and successful experience for all of your speakers, every time. They bring a positive attitude, in depth knowledge of on-site etiquette and years of experience to make your event a success.

Q-Prompt’s operators are industry professionals, committed to excellence and ensuring each event exceeds the expectations of your customers. We will distinguish ourselves as team players by working together in achieving the highest level of satisfaction with your customers. We provide our customers with the tools for achieving and delivering quality presentations whether for a meeting of 50 people or a convention for 10,000, Q-Prompt will be there to deliver.

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